Ms. Tree, by Terry Beatty
Ms. Tree - Death do us part ch. 5 (1983)

Terry Beatty, who is from Iowa, teamed up with writer Max Allen Collins in 1979 to create 'The Comics Page', a weekly syndicated comic page of jokes, activities and puzzle-comic, starring private eye 'Mike Mist'. The feature didn't last long, but the character continued its career in issues of Mystery Magazine and as a back-up feature in the 'E-Man' comic book. Beatty worked with Collins on several other projects, including the 'Mrs Tree' comic book (1981), which also featured 'Mike Mist'. They then cooperated on the fourt-part mini-series 'Wild Dog', published by DC, and revived Pete Morisi's 'Johnny Dynamite' series as a mini-series for Dark Horse.

Ms. Tree, by Terry Beatty
Ms. Tree (1983)

Beatty published his underground comic 'Tales Mutated for the Mod' at Kitchen Sink in the early 1980s. He made strip parodies, called 'The Phony Pages' in The Buyer's Guide, and contributed to 'Dr. Wirthim's Comics & Stories' and Kitchen Sink's 'Bop'. Beatty has worked regularly as an inker on 'Batman Adventures'. He has also worked on 'Batman Beyond'.

Rex Morgan by Terry Beatty
Rex Morgan, M.D. (2014)

In recent years, he has also been active in the production newspaper comics. He has been drawing the Sunday comics for 'The Phantom' by Tony DePaul since moving to the Kansas City area in 2012. He also replaced Graham Nolan as the artist of 'Rex Morgan, M.D.' in late 2013. Beatty is additionally a published author, with numerous short stories to his credit and is also an accomplished sculptor.  He has worked in the model kit and toy industry, and taught in the comics program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Mike Mist, by Terry Beatty
The Mike Mist - Minute Mist-ery (1982)

Mike Mist, by Terry Beatty
solution for the Mike Mist above

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