The Golden Scarab, by R. Beaumont 1948

Reg Beaumont was a British comic artist, mainly active in the 1940s. After World war II he drew for magazine Comet, where he published the comics 'Jungle Lord' and 'The Golden Scarab'. For the firm of R. and L. Locker, he fully produced The Tiny Comic, The Midget Comic, The Little Wonder and Hurricane Adventure. His work for Martin & Reid includes all stories for The Grand Adventure Comic, 'Devil Lion' in Jolly Adventures, 'Atomic Mission' in Jolly Chuckles, 'The Lama's Revenge' in Merry-Go-Round and 'Ace Powell' in Merry Moments. Beaumont was additionally present in Scion's Comic Adventures ('Ricky of the Railroad'), All Starr Comics ('Crasher Cane') and All Fun Comic ('Time Conqueror').

Most if not all of the comic stories illustrated by Reg Beaumont were written by his brother George Harry Beaumont (1924-2004).

The Golden Scarab, by R. Beaumont 1948

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