Between Friends, by Sandra Bell-Lundy

Sandra Bell-Lundy is a Canadian cartoonist based in Welland, Ontario. She sold her first cartoon at age thirteen to the Cartoon Bug syndicate. Her first professional cartoons appeared in her university campus newspaper, a women's networking newsletter and newspaper ads. She developed 'Between Friends, a cartoon strip that was loosely based on a group of her friends, which she self-syndicated to a couple of southern Ontario papers. In this comic, she gives a humorous and contemporary look in the stress-filled lives of three professional women. She has been praised for some of the more sensitive storylines she created, like the ones about child adoption, domestic violence and breast cancer.

Since February 1994, the feature has been syndicated by King Features to nearly 200 papers throughout the US and Canada, including the Houston Chronicle, the Seattle Times, the Arizona Republic, the Toronto Star and the Montreal Gazette. The strip is also published in Saudi Arabia, India, South Africa, Sweden, Australia and Guam.

Between Friends, by Sandra Bell-Lundy
Between Friends at King Features

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