A Tale About a Fallen Angel
'A Tale About a Fallen Angel'.

Marc Bell, a Canadian small-press comic artist, has self-published many books created by himself and in collaboration with others. Some of his titles are: 'Who Cares!' (with Peter Thompson), 'Sleepy Pie' (with Jason McLean), 'Protozoic Motherfucker' (with Mark Connery), 'Shut-up World' (with Amy Lockhart), 'Pour Parents Seulement' (with Dominique Galarneau) - and 'Knoze Clippah', 'Construct', and 'There is Nothing + MORE!' (by himself).

Kevin, by Marc Bell

Bell's work has been published in the anthologies 'Topshelf', 'Kramer's Ergot', 'EXPO 2000'. Highwater Books also published a collection of his strip 'Shrimpy and Paul' in the year 2003. Drawn and Quarterly published a limited edition version of his self published book 'The Stacks' in 2004. Fantagraphics collected some of his weekly and other material in the book 'Worn Tuff Elbow'. He draws a weekly strip for two papers, and a monthly for Vice.

They hold up the layers of the earth for you and me, by Marc Bell
'They hold up the layers of the earth for you and me.'

Marc Bell exhibited much of his original artwork for his "Modurn Mithoes" exposition at Galerie Lambiek from 2 April until early May 2010.

Marc Bell exposition at Lambiek

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