Little Daughter, by Frank Bellew 1855

Frank Henry Temple Bellew was born as the son of a British officer in India in 1828. He spent his youth in England and moved to New York City in 1850, where he started a career as an illustrator and comic artist. His work was published in several magazines such as Harper's Weekly, Scribner's Magazine and Puck. In 1866, Bellew published his book 'The Art of Amusing'.

Little Daughter, by Frank Bellew 1855

Frank Bellew was one of the pioneers in comics, and his work was enjoyed and admired by many, including Charles Dickens, who wrote: "Frank Bellew's pencil is extraordinary. He probably originated more, of a purely comic nature, than all the rest of the artistic brethren put together." Especially Bellew's caricature of Lincoln, exaggerating his height, became very popular. He died in 1888. His son, Frank P.W. Bellew, also became an illustrator, working for Life magazine.

Abraham Lincoln, by Frank Bellew

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