Macao, by Mique Beltrán

Mique Beltrán, who signs just "Mique", was born in Valencia in 1959. He had his profesional debut in the magazine Bésame Mucho and then in Cairo. For the latter he did some short stories featuring his character Cleopatra, which were gathered in the book 'Pasaporte para Hong Kong'. Two longer stories followed: 'La pirámide de cristal' (1983) and 'Macao' (1984). Because of the folding of Cairo, 'Macao' needed to be finished in French magazine Pilote under the title 'Cléopâtre à Macao' (1985). A definitive edition of 'Macao' in full color appeared in Spain in 1987.

La Pirámide de Cristal, by Mique Beltán

Cleopatra's stories were a mixture of nostalgia, humor and adventure. Later on Cleopatra's son, Marco Antonio, became the main character when this series was included in a supplement of newspaper El País. Marco Antonio was also adapted into animated cartoons: 'Rescate en Hong Kong'. Mique has also written for other artists, such as Max ('Mujeres fatales') and Keko ('Livingston contra Fumake').

Marco-Antonio, by Mique Beltrán
cover by Mique Beltran (1985)

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