Brainsly Smartpants, by Mark Bennington

Mark Bennington started working for the Fleetway comics in 1985, and stayed with the company throughout the 1990s. After publishing his first work in a Whoopee! Summer Special, Bennington created his well-known strip 'Memory Banks' for Whizzer & Chips and later Buster. He subsequently created the Nipper and Buster comic characters 'The Savers' and 'Blub the Sub'. He did scripts on 'Buster' strips in the second half of the 1980s and also penned 'Chalky', 'X-Ray Specs' and 'Sweet Tooth'.

In the 1990s, when Buster was the only weekly left, Bennington created new characters like 'Captain Crucial', 'Lucy Lastic', 'Stupid Street', and 'Judge Dudd', as well as the centre-page spreads stars Dozy Derek, Brainsly Smartpants, The Fat Pack and Delbert. The artist then left comics for a couple of years and worked in commercial art for a while. He returned to his original profession with the launch of the Lucky Bags Comic that comes with the goodie bags of sweets and candies.

Brainsly Smartpants, by Mark Bennington

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