'Love Story', from the comic book insert to the Mama Tick single 'Horsedoctor' (1993).

Jeff Bentle is an American cartoonist associated with the indie comics imprint SKiN GRAFT Comix and its successor SKiN GRAFT Records during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 1988, Jeff Bentle was one of the early cartoonists joining high school students Mark Fischer and Rob Syers in the creation of their DIY mini-comics. Based in St. Charles, Missouri, SKiN GRAFT Comix released self-published comic zines inspired by the punk movement. Besides their flagship zine SKiN GRAFT Comix, they also released independent mini-comics based on one or more characters. Jeff Bentle, probably a school friend, worked with Mark Fischer on three issues of 'Cynical-Manson', a parody on Charles Manson.

When in 1992 Caliber Press released a SKiN GRAFT comic book for worldwide distribution in its Iconografix line, Jeff Bentle was one of the contributing cartoonists, alongside Fischer, Syers and Paul Nitsche. Two issues were published. By then, SKiN GRAFT had relocated to Chicago, where Fischer and Syers attended art school. Their comix imprint was transformed into SKiN GRAFT Records, that specialized in combining their self-published comix with punk and noise rock record releases. Jeff Bentle remained involved with some of the early projects, contributing his 'three-page 'Love Story' to the comic book insert that came with the 1993 single 'Horsedoctor' by Chicago noise rock trio.

Not much is known about Jeff Bentle's further life and career. In 2003, a news article on the SKiN GRAFT website mentioned that "Jeepin' Jeff Bentle" was working on new strip called 'Ass Bandit' after a more than ten year hiatus. In 2016, he was mentioned oncle again as one of the participants in a celebration release for the 30th anniversary of the original 1986 SKiN GRAFT Comix zine. It is unsure if both projects ever saw the light.


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