Two Fisted Tales, by Dave Berg 1953
Two Fisted Tales, by Dave Berg 1953

Besides his early Quality Comics work, David Berg worked for many comic book producers during 1941 and 1942. He did most of his comic book work for the Timely/Marvel/Atlas group, edited by Stan Lee. Between 1941 and 1958, Dave Berg produced a wide range of stories.

The Lighter Side, by David Berg

Dave Berg's most notable work came as a writer/artist /editor on Marvel's war feature, 'Combat Kelly'. But it was not until he moved to Mad magazine in 1956 that his work got wide recognition. Berg's 'The Lighter Side' feature became one of the most popular series in Mad. In May 1984 Berg and another Mad colleague Al Jaffee became regular contributors to the two-monthly Jewish magazine The Moshiach Times, which is distributed in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Berg's feature 'The Right Side' (1984-2002) featured Punky as the boy giving the bad behavioral example and Pinny giving the good example. According to rabbi Pape, who was one of the editors, Berg kept making a recurring mistake, namely drawing the mezuza on the left instead of the right side of the door. According to the cartoonist himself this was deliberate to "keep the rabbi on his toes". 

After working for Mad for some forty years, and following several months of illness, Dave Berg died on 16 May 2002, leaving behind a legacy of influential comics.

Captain Courageous Comics cover, by David Berg (1942)

Joe College cover, by David Berg

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