Défauts des enfants by Bertall
La Petite Coquette (La Semaine des Enfants, 4 April 1857)

Bertall was one of the most prolific French illustrators of the 19th century, and a pioneer in photography. His full name was Charles Constant Albert Nicolas, Viscount of Arnoux, Count of Limoges Saint-Saens. His father was a former commissioner of war, who intended his son to study Polytechnics. He chose painting however, and spent several years working in Michel Martin Drolling's atelier. Supported by writers like Balzac early in his career, he soon devoted all his time to illustration and caricatures.

Défauts des enfants by Bertall
Le Petit Taquin (La Semaine des Enfants, 18 April 1857)

Bertall's art appeared in magazines like Le Magasin pittoresque, Le Musée des familles, La Semaine des enfants, Le Journal pour tous, La Bibliothèque des chemins de fer and in the Bibliothèque rose. Between 1857 and 1862 he made several picture stories for La Semaine des Enfants, several under the title 'Défauts des enfants' ('Defects in Children').

He made about 3600 drawings for the series 'Les Romans populaires illustrés', that was published by Gustave Barba between 1849 and 1855. He provided satirical magazines like L'Illustration, La Semaine, Le Journal pour rire and Le Grelot with many caricatures. As a writer, he was the author of 'La Comédie de notre temps' and 'La Vigne, voyage autour des vins de France'. He opened a photography studio with Hippolyte Bayard in 1860.

Défauts des enfants by Bertall
Toto l’indépendant (La Semaine des Enfants, September-October, 1858)

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