Le Montreur d'Histoires by Raphael Beuchot
Le Montreur d'Histoires

Nantes-based Comic artist Raphaël Beuchot has a background in science. He has worked as a commercial engineer before switching to a career in art. He made his debut as a comic artist with 'Ma vie de zombie', a story written by Sébastien Viozat and published by Ankama Éditions in 2008. He continued his collaboration with Viozat with a follow-up story in the same genre, called 'Avec les morts', in 2009.

Ma vie de zombie by Raphael Beuchot
Ma vie de Zombie

He has participated in the collective project 'Les Autres Gens' by Dupuis. He signs most of his work RaphaëlB, but used his own name for his 2011 fantasy graphic novel 'Le Montreur d'Histoires', a collaboration with Zidrou for Le Lombard. A self-taught artist, Beuchot has maintained blogs about comics and cinema, and is the editor of the webcomic site Officieuse Collection.

Avec les morts by Raphael Beuchot
Avec les morts


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