The Probability Broach, by Scott Bieser

Scott Bieser is an illustrator, computer game animator and occasional graphic novelist. He began his comics career in 1986 with 'Gambit', published by Oracle Comics. In 1987 he worked with writer Steve Bennet and inker Mike Roberts on 'The Rovers' for Eternity. Bieser colored covers and designed logos for Malibu Graphics from the late 1980s through the early 1980s. In 1990, he produced 'Cyber-Lust', the first computer-generated pornographic comic.

He contributed to the Comics Journal as a cartoonist and left the field in 1992 to focus on computer game animation for Interplay Productions. By 2001, Bieser was doing cartoons for the web. He also did graphic novel adaptations for Susan W. Wells' teleplay 'A Drug War Carol' and L. Neil Smith's novel 'The Probability Broach', which were published by his brother's company Big Head Press. In 2006, he began working on a web graphic novel for Big Head Press, called 'Roswell, Texas'.

A Drug War Control, by Scott Bieser

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