Plus con, on tue!, by Alain Bignon

Alain Bignon studied to be a technician in the radio industry, but in his spare time he took art courses from Georges Pichard. He published his first work in magazines l'Écho des Savanes and Pilote. He started a collaboration with writer Guy Vidal, with whom he made several comic albums, such as 'Une éducation algérienne' (1981), 'Plus con, on tue!' (1983), 'Un Malaise Passager' (1985), 'Tout le monde aime le printemps' (1987) and 'Le Parfum des Choses' (1989). Alain Bignon also made a few short stories for Chic and Circus. In 1993, he made 'Rock Star sur aquarelle', and in 1996 he teamed up with writer Jean-Claude Forest on 'Il faut y croire pour le voir'. Together with Rodolphe, he made 'Les Quatre Morts de Betty Page' in 1998. Alain Bignon died in 2003.

Un Malaise Passager, by Alain Bignon

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