Force 9 by Daniel Billon
Force 9

Daniel Billon was the son of artist Pierre Billon. He studied fine arts and made his debut in Filles de France in 1948. From the early 1950s, he worked for several periodical, such as La Vie Ouvrière, Vaillant, Marius, and Le Hérisson. He also did several covers for Radar and Choc. He illustrated doctor Méry's section 'Les Animaux Célèbres' in Le Parisien Libéré. He was also a versatile illustrator of children's books.

L'Echo des Savanes, by Daniel BillonCover for Pilote, by Daniel Billon

He made several historical comics for Pilote from 1962, as well as some "Pilotoramas" and actuality pages. In the early 1970s, he produced 'Vidocq' for TV Gadget. He succeeded Jean-Claude Forest on 'Barbarella' in the final issues of the first Écho des Savanes series in 1981. The following year, Billon illustrated two stories with 'Dany Dubos' in Pilote. In 1986, he teamed up with Patrick Cothias and illustrated 'Force 9' in Okapi.

Barbarella by Daniel Billon

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