American comic book writer Otto Binder spent the bulk of his time writing short stories, books, articles, and pulp novels in collaboration with his brother, Earl, under the pen name Eando Binder. He began his comic book career in 1939, as a writer for the Harry 'A' Chesler shop. In 1941, he started writing for his brother, Jack Binder's shop, where he came in contact with Fawcett's Marvel Family of comic books.

Otto Binder was a workaholic, and he showed his best as the main scriptwriter for 'Captain Marvel Adventures'. He wrote 451 of the 618 stories, according to Jim Steranko. He also helped create some of the other Marvel features, including 'Mary Marvel', 'Marvel Family', and the 'Jon Jarl' text feature. He also came up with many of the supporting cast: Tawky Tawny, a phenomenally popular talking tiger; Mr. Mind, the evil worm who almost defeated Captain Marvel many times; and the Sivana Family, arch enemies of the Marvel Family. In addition to all this, Otto O. Binder created scripts for other established Marvel characters like 'Captain Marvel Jr.' and 'Hoppy, The Marvel Bunny'.

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