Crime Does Not Pay, by Charles Biro

Charles Biro was born in New York in 1911 and studied art at both the Brooklyn Museum School of Art and the Grand Central School of Art. After graduating, he was employed by the Harry "A" Chesler Shop in 1936, where he worked as a writing and artwork supervisor until 1939, when he moved to MLJ Comics. There he created the 'Steel Sterling' series. In 1941, Charles Biro joined the Lev Gleason (Comic House) Group as an editorial director and chief writer.

Daredevil cover by Charles Biro (1941)Daredevil cover by Charles Biro (1942)

One of his most impressive feats was his guiding of 'Daredevil', created by Don Rico and Jack Binder in 1940. Biro took it over and wrote, drew and edited the series until its end, introducing into it such innovative characters as 'The Little Wise Guys'. Another creation by Biro was 'Crimebuster' (1942) and 'Crime Does Not Pay' (1942). Apart from these titles, Biro also marketed the first adult comic book, 'Tops', in 1949, and made 'Poppo of the Popcorn Theatre' in the 1950s. Biro left the comics field for television in 1962, and died in March, 1972.

Zip Comics cover, by Charles Biro (1940)

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