Croquemitron, by Bissot

Noël Bissot has been attracted to art since his youth. His meeting with sculptor Marcel Ladril convinced him to start an education in decorative arts. He entered the comic world after meeting Jacques Martin and Raymond Macherot.

Bissot published his first comic in Dernière Heure. In 1956 he started the adventures of 'Coccinelle', a reporter for Canadian television, in Tintin magazine. He started working for Spirou magazine in 1959, where he made several mini-books. For these small comics, he created several personages, like 'Le Baron', 'Youk et Yak', 'Le Picrate', 'Croquemitron' and 'Juju'. After finishing the work on the micro-stories, Bissot made 'Croquemitron' for the full-size pages of Spirou until his death in 1972.

A page of one of Bissot's micro-stories

more about Bissot and micro-stories
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