Ace O'Hara, by Basil Blackaller

Basil Blackaller was an artist for several D.C. Thomson comics from the late 1930s throughout the 1940s. His best known work was on Hugh McNeill's 'Pansy Potter', a character with whom he made war-themed stories for The Beano during World War II. His other comic strips for Beano include 'Hairy Dan' (1938), 'Deep-Down Daddy Neptune' (1939), 'Cinderella and the Ugly Sisters' (1940), 'Big Heep' (1940) and 'Smart Alec' (1945). Blackaller was present in Dandy with 'Castor Oil Craddock' (1948) and in Magic with 'Dick Turpentine' (1940).

He later worked for the Amalgamated Press, for which he made adventure comics like 'Lesley Shane and the Mystery of the Masks of Manton' in the Super Detective Library. In the 1950s he was also the artist of the syndicated SF newspaper strip 'Ace O'Hara' (script by Conrad Frost) through Mercury Features and for 'Captain Falcon' in Rocket. He died in Surrey in 1958, at the early age of 36..

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