ElfLord cuts loose, by Barry Blair

Barry Blair was one of the most prolific artists in Canadian comic books. His career has included animation for children's television in Canada, as well as creating many of his own comic book titles. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Blair spent his childhood in Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam. He worked in an insulation company before launching Aircel Comics in 1985.

As the editorial director, Blair publihed several series through Aircel, including his own popular titles 'Elflord', 'Samurai' and 'Dragonring'. Later on, he took over 'Warlock 5' and created 'Team Nippon' and the adult comic 'Leather and Lace'. In the early 1990s he drew comic adaptations of the novels 'Logan's Run' and 'Logan's World' for Malibu Comics.

He left Aircel in 1992 and started working on the 'ElfQuest' series 'New Blood' and 'Blood of Ten Chiefs' for WaRP Graphics. Together with his partner Colin Chan, he briefly revived 'Elflord' and 'Samurai' and created the short erotic series 'Sapphire' for NBM Publishing. Blair then focused on work for online gaming and joined Santos Aleman to form Studio RealmWalkers in 2009. He passed away from a brain aneurysm in January 2010.

Elflord by Barry Blair


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