El secreto de los tres mosqueteros, by Blanco Avila

Francisco Pascasio Blanco Avila was born in La Havane, Cuba. He is one of Cuba's most prominent cartoonists, able to capture a person's typical elements in a couple of lines. He published his first art in the magazine Fotos in 1948. He was the editorial cartoonist of El Mundo since 1960, and has worked through the agency Prensa Latina since 1959. He was founder of the humorous magazine Palante y Palante, which he directed from 1970 to 1985.

Kid Chocolate by Francisco Blanco
Hazañas de Kid Chocolate (Fantasía #1, 1960)

Blanco Avila and writer Juan Betancourt are the authors of a great many educational comics for Editorial de Palante in the 1970s, such as 'Trucutuerca y Trescabitos', about the use and maintenance of machinery for agricultural labor, and 'Matilda y sus amigos', about relational and healthcare problems. Other titles include 'Pol Brix contra el Ladrón Invisible' and 'Los Siete Samurais del 70'. 

Trucutuerca y Trescabitos by Francisco Blanco Avila
Trucutuerca y Trescabitos

Blanco Avila has furthermore founded and edited the comic magazines Cómicos, Pablo and Mi Barrio. He also developed the comic strip '¡Ay vecino!', and among his more recent comics are 'El Caballero de París', 'Bolívar en Martí' and '5 años, 5 meses y 5 días', the latter in cooperation with his son Francisco Blanco Hernández. He is also founding member of several artist unions in Cuba.

comic strip by Francisco Blanco Avila


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