Wofi, by Albert Blesteau

While working as a decorator, the young Breton artist Albert Blesteau presented his drawings to 'Spirou' artist Jean-Claude Fournier. Fournier encouraged him to join Studio Peyo and subsequently, Blesteau moved to Brussels to work in Peyo's studio in the Avenue de Boetselaer.

Carte Blanche (Spirou, 19/6/1975)
'Carte Blanche' (Spirou, 19 June 1975).

Blesteau started out assisting Peyo on 'Les Schtroumpfs' and was later assigned to draw the seventh episode of 'Benoît Brisefer' in 1978.

Benoit Brisefer by Albert Blesteau
'Benoît Brisefer'.

By 1976, Blesteau had already created his own funny animal comic 'Wofi', printed in Spirou in a series of gags and short stories. He returned to Brittany (Bretagne) after leaving Studio Peyo and revived 'Wofi' with long continuing stories.

Toupet, by Albert Blesteau

Blesteau teamed up with scenarist Christian Godard and created the series about the baby boy 'Toupet', that ran in Spirou magazine from 1987 to 2004. The series also ran in Dutch under the title 'Lokje'. 

Toupet by Albert Blesteau

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