'De Avonturen van Sander', 1946. 

F. Blok was a Belgian mid-20th century cartoonist, who worked for the socialist union magazine De Werker. In 1946 he made the pantomime gag comic 'De Avonturen van Sander'. 

De Avonturen van Sander
No information about the cartoonist is known. He is either credited as "F. Blok" or "F. Block", but his signature proves the first spelling is correct. According to the signature, the first name can be "Fon" or "Fons". In 1946, he made the comic strip 'De Avonturen van Sander' for De Werker, the weekly magazine published in Antwerp by the Flemish socialist union ABVV (Algemeen Belgisch Vakverbond). Sander is a chubby, moustached man with a bowtie, whose practical solutions for his everyday problems don't always work out. It is unknown if the 'Sander' strip also appeared in the magazine of the union's Walloon counterpart, the Fédération Générale du Travail de Belgique (FGTB). Since the copyright is attributed to the ABVV itself, the cartoonist Blok was probably an in-house staff worker.

'De Avonturen van Sander', 1946. 

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