Freckles and Friends, by Merrill Blosser

Merrill Blosser started his professional comics career in 1912, after attending the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts and taking a course from the Landon School of cartooning and illustrating. In the early stages of his career, he cartooned for Motor-Cycling magazine in Chicago as well as several magazines of the Denton Publishing Company in Cleveland.

Freckles and his friends, by Merrill Blosser

Three years after his debut, he joined NEA Service and created a series of movie take-off strips, followed by the famous daily strip 'Freckles and his Friends'. 'Freckles' became very popular and was distributed to hundreds of newspapers. Blosser drew the daily as well as the Sunday page for over 50 years, before turning it over to Henry Formhals. Blosser then retired to California, where he died in 1983.

Hector, by Merrill Blosser
Fate's Evil Hand, by Merill Blosser (25/8/1915)
Fate's Evil Hand, by Merill Blosser (25/8/1915)

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