comic art by Horst Boche

Horst Boche attended the Meisterschule für Graphik und Buchgewerbe in Berlin. In the mid-1950s, he commenced working as a graphic artist for several firms. He was one of the artists drawing the 'Rumpelmännchen', a comic character created by Hannes Hegen. In 1957, he became an artist for the magazine Mosaik, an occupation he held until shortly before his death in 1990. He was one of the main illustrators for the 'Abrafaxe' stories, and he stood out for his splash pages. He was responsible for among others the astronomical devices of 'Don Ferrando' and the inventions of 'Alexander Papatentos'. During his 33 years with the magazine, he illustrated a great many covers, starring the 'Digedags' and 'Abrafaxe'.

comic art by Horst Boche

Images provided by Robert Löffler.
Last updated: 2013-01-09

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