Tom the Dancing Bug, by Ruben Bolling
'Tom the Dancing Bug'.

Ruben Bolling, pseudonym of Ken Fisher, is the comic artist who created the alternative comic 'Tom the Dancing Bug'. This strip features no bugs or dancing, but is a way for Bolling to experiment with different cartoon formulas, commenting on social and cultural conditions (like his celebrity spoof series 'Funny, Funny, Celebs'). Fisher studied economics and later attended Harvard Law School. It was at Harvard in the mid-1980s that he came up with the idea for 'Tom the Dancing Bug' and his pseudonym Ruben Bolling, publishing his strip in the Harvard Law School Record.

After graduation, he practiced law for several years before resigning to pursue comic writing full-time. Bolling's work is still considered "alternative", but deserves more mainstream attention, which is why it won the Alternative Newsweekly Award. 'Tom the Dancing Bug' has been featured as a weekly comic strip through Universal Press Syndicate since 1997.

Tom the Dancing Bug, by Ruben Bolling 2002
'Tom the Dancing Bug'.

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