Shorty, by Henry Boltinoff (1950)

Henry Boltinoff was responsible for many of the humor and filler strips that appeared in most DC comics from the 1940s through 1960s. Among his characters are 'Casey the Cop', 'Varsity Vic', 'Super-Turtle', 'Jerry the Jitterbug' and 'Shorty'. He was already a professional cartoonist when he was still a teen, drawing for the theatre section of The New York American. From 1937, he freelanced as a cartoonist for numerous magazines. He was DC's regular "filler artist" from 1940. Nearly every comic book DC published at the time contained work by Boltinoff.

Warden Willis, by Henry Boltinoff (1962)

From the mid-1940s, Boltinoff began doing longer humor stories for DC, such as 'Buzzy', 'Leave it to Binky' and 'A Date with Judy'. He created the twin detectives 'Dover & Clover' for More Fun Comics. Soon afterwards, Boltinoff stint in longer stories ended, and he was back doing fillers again, which he continued until the early 1970s. His final DC creation was 'Cap's Hobby Hints'. Besides his work for DC, he was also done work for Harvey Comics and Fawcett Publications, as well as the syndicated strips 'Hocus Focus' and 'Nubbin'.

Between 1960 and 1985 he also drew the one-panel gag cartoon series 'Stoker the Broker', about the professional and private life of a stockbroker. It appeared on the financial pages of various economical publications by Columbia Features and the Washington Star Syndicate. In 1981 Boltinoff received the Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award from the National Cartoonists Society for this series.

Jerry the Jitterburg, by Henry Boltinoff (1950)

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