Chlorine, by Dorothy Bond 1947

Dorothy Bond was the comic artist of the newspaper strip 'Chlorine', about an office secretary, which appeared in the late 1940s. The strip was based on Bond's own secretary, Dee Mulvey, and grew out of another strip called 'The Ladies'. 'Chlorine, Champion of the Working Girl' was a very witty comic, full of sarcastic wise-cracks, usually at the expense of men and employers. Earlier, in 1945, Dorthy Bond self-published a booklet 'The Government Clerk', about the everyday life of the wartime "government girl" - with all its ups & downs - as well as the mind-numbing habits of the government bureaucracy.

Chlorine, by Dorothy Bond 1947

Dorothy Bond was a very free-spririted woman, preferring to work dressed in little more than her slip and high heels. She also had a fondness for drink - as Mulvey remembers: "She made a deal with God, that she would never take a drink in the office, and when the ideas were totally vacant, she would storm into my office and grab the bottle and run out into the hall in her slip and high heels, with, I assume, a clear conscience."

Dorothy Bond

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