Superman by Wayne Boring
Superman (31/5/1958)

Wayne Boring is probably the most prominent 'Superman' artist of the 1950s. Boring studied art in Chicago and Minnesota before becoming an artist for National Publications in 1937. There, he ghosted 'Slam Bradley', 'Spy' and 'Dr. Occult' for Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. A year later, he joined Shuster's own studios, where he took on the artwork of the successful 'Superman' comic. In 1942 he left Shuster's studio to illustrate the strip directly for DC. Boring drew 'Superman' for 30 years and stood out for his dynamic pencil work. Along with inker Stan Kaye, Boring made some of the best stories of the 1940s and 1950s, while also working on the 'Superman' newspaper comic for the McClure Syndicate.

Superman, by Wayne Boring

In addition to his work for National, Boring has worked on 1940s comic books published by Novelty ('Blue Bolt', 'Toni Gayle'). From 1968 to 1972, he did backgrounds for Hal Foster's 'Prince Valiant' Sunday page, as well as ghosting Sam Leff's 'Davy Jones'. For a short period afterwards he worked at Marvel on titles like 'Captain Marvel' and 'Gullivar Jones' before leaving the comics field. He then worked as a security guard at a bank before passing away in 1987.

Superman by Wayne Boring

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