Bob Leclerc, by Gregoire Bouchard

Born in Montréal, Grégoire Bouchard published his first comics in some student newspapers. After obtaining his degree in plastic arts in 1986, he went to France, where he studied graphic arts in Orleans. Back in Montréal in 1989, he began the fanzine Strange Memories. He became one of the regular contributors to the magazine Iceberg in 1990. There, he created the retired war pilot 'Bob Leclerc'. He also drew for magazines like Stranger, Croc and Jet, as well as some fanzines of the Montréal scene. Between 1995 and 1998, he created 'Planet Twist', about the 1950s rock 'n roll group The Jaguars.

Planet Twist, by Gregoire BouchardCover for Iceberg, by Gregoire Bouchard

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