Petit Polio, by Farid Boudjellal

Farid Boudjellal, son of Algerian parents, has had polio since he was eight years old. The disease didn't stop him from succeeding in high school and going to college. After a few years of university, he decided he wanted to draw and tell stories.

In 1978, Farid had his first publications in Circus and Charlie Mensuel. After doing some short stories he began his first long story, 'L'Oud', which was published by Futuropolis. This album was followed by 'Le Gourbi', 'Ramadan' and an album featuring the adventures of 'Abdullah'. At the same time, Farid Boudjellal worked for several French magazines.

When he moved to Paris, he started a drawing studio with José Jover and Roland Monpière. Their collective work was published in Pilote, Virgule and the album 'Anita Comix'. Other albums by Boudjellal include 'Gags à l'harissa', 'Juif-Arabe' and 'Jambon-beur'. In 1998 he produced the first part of 'Petit Polio', about a little boy with polio, the same disease Boudjellal has.

Petit Polio by Farid Boudjellal

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