The Education of Annie, by Albéric Bourgeois

Albéric Bourgeois was one of the pioneers of Canadian comics. He studied fine arts in Montréal until 1899 and continued his studies at the art school of Boston. While studying in Boston, Bourgeois started a career as an illustrator for the Boston Post. He returned to his native Montréal in 1903, where he started working for La Patrie. Besides political cartoons, he produced the series 'Les Aventures de Timothée', which is probably the first continuing comic series from Québec. It made its debut on 30 January 1904 in the Canadian newspaper La Patrie. When Bourgeois left this magazine for La Presse 'Timothée' was continued by Th. Busnel until his early death in September 1908. Later the series was taken over by Arthur Lemay.

He continued his career at the daily La Presse, where he stayed for about 25 years. There, he created such series as 'Les Aventures de Toinon' (1905-1908) and 'Les Fables du Parc Lafontaine' (1906-1908). For the Boston Post he created the daily strip 'The Education of Annie'. In February 1905, Bourgeois succeeded Joseph Charlebois and Hector Berthelot on working on 'Le Père Ladébauche', Québec's most famous comic series. He drew this series until his retirement in 1957. In addition to his comics career, Albéric Bourgeois made a theatre adaptation of the 'Ladébauche' series and he created a humorous radioplay, 'Joson Josette'.

timothée, by Albéric Bourgeois

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