L'Aigle des Mers, by Remy Bourles
L'Aigle des Mers (L'Intrepide, 19-1-1949)

Rémy Bourlès was a very productive post-war artist of realistic comics, and his work has appeared in numerous French magazines. His first drawings appeared in Pêle-Mêle in 1924. Four years later, he moved from his native town Brest to Paris, where he became an artist in the advertising field. During World War II, he returned to Brest. He made his first comics in 1943 at Mondiales/Del Duca publishers and in the Odyssées collection. He continued his activities in La Collection, Mon Journal, Hardi les Gars, Sélections Prouesses and Robin.

Le Monde Perdu by Remy Bourles
Le Monde Perdu (Le Samedi, 1957)

In 1946, Bourlès joined Vaillant publishers and took on several short stories for the magazines Vaillant and Caméra 34. In Vaillant, he also illustrated the 'Bob Mallard' series until 1957. At the same time, he continued his work for Del Duca and he created the series 'Pour l'Honneur', which was published in Tarzan, L'Intrépide and Hurrah!. In 1950 he illustrated 'Les Disques de Feu' in Tintin and from 1957 to 1959 he was present in such magazines as Ima and Lisette.

Bataille dans la Mine, by Remy Bourles (1947)
Bataille dans la Mine (1947)

Throughout the 1960s, Bourlès illustrated for the daily Paris-Jour. He also drew several longer stories in Mireille from 1960 to 1963. For Aventures en Voyages publishers, he produced such comics as 'Mousqueton', 'Richard le Bien - Aimé' and 'Les Mystères de Londres'. Rémy Bourlès was active until the 1980s as an illustrator, but also with an occasional comic.

L'Aerobagne, by Rémy Bourlès


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