Fitzboomski the Anarchist by W.R. Bradford
Fitzboomski the Anarchist

W. R. Bradford was the author of several newspaper features in the early 20th Century. One of his notable creations was 'Fitzboomski the Anarchist', a black humor strip inspired by the Russian Revolution, that appeared in the Philadelphia North American from October to November 1905. It was revived as 'Fizzboomski the Anarchist' in 1907 with new tensions in Russia.

The Almost Family, by W.R. Bradford (1906)
The Almost Family (1906)

Among his other creations are 'The Almost Family' (1906), 'Peter Putoff' (1906-1907), 'The Little Journeys of Nip and Tuck' (with art by John R. Neill, 1909-1910), 'Enoch Pickleweight' (1910) and 'Jingling Johnson' (1910-1916).

Jingling Johnson, by W.R. Bradford
Jingling Johnson

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