Rex Morgan by Marvin Bradley and Frank Edgington
Rex Morgan, M.D.

Marvin Bradley was the principle and original artist of the 'Rex Morgan, M.D.' daily comic for 35 years. He studied at Indiana University, the Fort Wayne Art School, the John Herron Art School in Indianapolis and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. In World War II, he spent nearly four years in the service, first as a glider pilot with the 14th Air Force and later as an executive officer with a fighter squadron in Africa, India and China. During a stint in Chentu, China, he drew a military comic strip called 'Randall's Raiders', and soon after leaving the service joined the staff of Publishers Newspaper Syndicate, later known as Field Enterprises Syndicate and then News America Syndicate.

Rex Morgan, by Marvin Bradley

A native of Streator, Illinois, he did art on such newspaper comics as 'Kerry Drake', 'Speed Spaulding', 'Mary Worth', 'Tex and Tandy' and 'Ramblin' Bill'. Bradley drew 'Rex Morgan' from its start in May 1948, together with background artist Frank Edgington. The comic was created by psychiatrist Nicholas Dallis, who based the 'Morgan' stories on his own experiences in the medical profession. Bradley and Edgington left the artwork of the strip to other artists from 1978, but Bradley remained a consultant on the strip until 1984, when Tony DiPreta took over. Marvin Bradley died at his home in Tower Lake Estates near Barrington on 10 January 1986, aged 72.

Speed Spaulding by Marvin Bradley
Speed Spaulding, from a French-Canadian newspaper

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