Dandy McQueen, by Nat Brand

Nat Brand was the pen name of nature and wildlife artist Len Fullerton for his comic book work. His first comic strip was 'Derickson Dene' for the Amalgamated Press' Triumph in 1939. During the second World War, Brand went to work for the small publisher A. Soloway to produce 'Argo under the Ocean' (for All Star Comic), 'Halcon Lord of the Craters' (for All Fun Comic), 'Crash Carew Daredevil of the Stratosphere' and 'Prince Nigel' (both for Comic Adventures), as well as 'Dandy McQueen of the Royal Mounted' (for All Star, Comic Adventures, Red Star Comic).

In the late 1940s he was present in the publications of Valentine & Sons of Dundee with strips like 'Alpha' and 'Hugh the Rover' for Ace Comic, and 'Clint Cairns' for Super-Bumper Comic. Fullerton continued to draw comic strips in the 1950s, including 'Steve Sampson' for Sports Cartoons and various strips for Lone Star Magazine and other minor publications, such as Thrilling Hero ('Raiders of Space').

Crash Carew, by Nat Brand

Fullerton blog at the Bear Alley

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