Mister Breger, by Dave Breger

David Breger was the American comic artist who introduced the term "G.I. Joe" to the world. He grew up in the city of Chicago, where he encountered the Chicago gangsters on several occasions, while working at his father's sausage industry. In the 1930s, he took on cartooning and sold his gag panels to several newspapers. He entered the army during World War II. At the same time, he used his experiences as a soldier in a comic panel series 'Private Breger' in 1941. His cartoon panel was soon featured in the army magazine Yank, but it couldn't appear under the syndicated name. Therefore, Breger came up with the title 'G.I. Joe' (as in Government-Issue Joe), and the comic began its run in June, 1942.

Mister Breger, by Dave Breger

The strip knew such popularity, that within no time, G.I. Joe replaced the word Yank as the popular term for American foot soldier. Breger continued his syndicated panel for King Features Syndicate after his military service, this time called 'Mr. Breger'. A Sunday page was added, and the daily feature ran until the 1960s. However, the Sunday strip did continue. In 1966, Breger drew his basic reference work 'How To Draw and Sell Cartoons'.

Private Breger, by Dave Breger

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