Smoky Dawson, by Andrea Bresciani (1960)

Andrea Brescani (Dušan Brešan) was born in Tolmin (Slovenia) in the province of Littoral, which after World War I pertained to Italy. The family name Bresan was then Italianized in Bresciani. Around the beginning of World War II, the family moved to northern Italy. After the War, Bresciani went to work in Milan.

Frontiers of Science by Andrea Bresciani
Frontiers of Science, Canadian edition ('Des Drogues et des Songes', 9 May 1966).

He became a comic artist, and drew series with characters like 'Poldo', 'Saetta', 'Tony Falco' and 'Geky Dor', published in among others Intrepido. He emigrated to Australia in the 1950s, where he worked for several local publishers, before illustrating the acclaimed newspaper strip, 'Frontiers of Science'. The strip, that explained scientific concepts and recent research, was written by professor Stuart Butler of the School of Physics at the University of Sydney in collaboration with documentary maker Robert Raymond. It was syndicated around the world between 1962 and 1987. Bresciani also created the singing cowboy 'Smocky Dawson' and worked for weeklies llike Adam, Man and Pocket Man, published by K.G. Murray in Melbourne. During the 1970s, he lived in Spain for a while, and worked for the publishing house Bruguera.

Tony Falco, by Andrea Bresciani

Upon his return in Australia, he continued to work on 'Frontiers of Science', together with a Frenchman called Tish. He eventually went to work in the film industry. He was hired by Hanna-Barbera to set up a studio in Manila, The Philippines. There, he also worked for Marvel. Among the most important series of films, which he produced in Manila with his group, were 'Defenders of the Earth', 'Flash Gordon', 'Mandrake and Lothar', 'Phantom' and 'Ming from the planet Mongo', as well as the series 'Robin Hood' and the 'Swiss Family Robinson'.

Frontiers of Science, by Andrea Bresciani

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