Love Tales by Ann Brewster
Someone to Cling to (Love Tales #72, March 1957)

Ann Brewster was a female artist working in American comic books during the 1940s and 1950s. Her real name was Shirley Sonya Zweifach and she was born in New York City in 1918. She was originally interested in a career as a fashion designer and enrolled at the Cooper Union Art School in 1937. Upon graduation in 1941, she began to look for work as a commercial artist under the pen name Ann Brewster. In 1942, she was hired to work in Jack Binder's studio, that produced comic book artwork for companies like Fawcett, Timely and Street & Smith. In 1944 she joined Jerry Iger's shop, that worked for Quality Comics, Holyoke and Gilberton.

Her earliest known credit is 'Samar' for Quality Comics in 1941. She then did art on Fawcett's 'Bulletman' and 'Mr. Scarlet', before becoming an inker on 'Blackstone' (Street & Smith), 'Rip Carson' (Fiction House), 'The Hawk' (Fiction House) and 'Frankenstrein' (Gilberton). Brewster was a longtime inker on Gilberton's 'Classics Illustrated' series (1945-1961).

Her pencil work appeared on features like 'Yankee Girl' (Chesler), 'The Saint' (Avon), 'Igor the Archer' (EC), 'Madelon' (EC) and Feature Comics's 'Jr. Rangers' and 'Yank and Doodle'. For Better Publications, she did a section called 'Hobby Corner'. She was addionally present in Lev Gleason's 'Crime Does Not Pay', EC's 'Crime Patrol' and Eastern Color Printing's 'Heroic Comics'.

In the 1950s Brewster was mainly present in the Timely/Atlas romance titles, such as 'Lovers', 'Love Romances', 'Stories of Romance', 'True Secrets' and 'True Tales of Love', but also in 'All True Crime Cases', 'Crime Must Lose', 'Space Worlds' and 'Journey into Mystery'. She also did romance stories for Fawcett, DC Comics and Feature Comics. For Gilberton, she contributed to 'The World Around Us'.

In the 1960s and 1970s she was mainly active as an illustrator. She illustrated books for Wonder Books ('Bible Stories to Read Aloud' by Oscar Weigle), Hammond Map ('Animal Atlas of the World' by E.L. Jordan) and Atheneum Books ('Silver Wolf' by Paige Dixon), and stories in Humpty-Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children. She retired from illustration in 1980.

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