Billie Reeves, by Louis Briault 1916

Louis Briault was one of the early British comic artists, who mainly worked for the Amalgamated Press. Born in London, he attended the Slade School of Art and began working as a commercial artist around 1908. He submitted cartoons to weekly comics like Comic Life and Merry & Bright by AP around the same time. He was a reporter for the Birmingham Post and served in the Army during World War I.

After the war, he reassumed his work as a cartoonist and began working continuously for Amalgamated Press in 1920. He contributed to Sunbeam, Comic Cuts and Merry & Bright. He created 'The Rollicking Rambles of Reggie and Roger' for Larks and 'Old London Laughing' for Butterfly. For Sparks, he also drew the comic 'The Comical Capers of Billie Reeves, the Scream of the Screen' (1916), one of the first comics to reflect the rise of Hollywood comedy films. Briault made sport cartoons for the Birmingham Post and the Sheffield Telegraph. During World War II, he had to cancel his work as an artist and wrote a play for the BBC, called 'The Psychic Trip'.

Billie Reeves, by Louis Briault 1916

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