Die Herrin des Grauens by Jaime Brocal Remohi
Die Herrin des Grauens (Gespenster Geschichten Spezial #100)

Jaime Brocal Remohí was born in Valencia, Spain. He began his professional career at the early age of 18, drawing 'Orjitas y Conchi' and 'Los Cuentos de Triblin' in Peques. He then contributed to collections like 'Lirio' (Editorial Maga) and 'Lili' (Editorial Ferma), before teaming up with scriptwriter Arizmendi to make comic adaptations of classics like Jules Verne's 'From Earth to Moon' for the publishing house Valenciana in the late 1950s. In 1960 he created his first heroic fantasy hero, 'Katan', which was published in a 48-issue collection by Toray, as well as the French publisher Arédit. This was followed by 'Ögan', created with scriptwriter Mariano Hispanio for Boixher in 1966.

Hazanas del Oeste by Jaime Brocal
Hazañas del Oeste #13 (1959)

From then on, Brocal would hardly leave the heroic fantasy subject. By the early 1970s he created 'Kronan', a series published in Trinca magazine, and he made stories for the James Warren horror magazines in the USA. Brocal created many stories for the magazines Creepy and Eerie until 1976, making a lot of one-episode stories, as well as the series 'The Mummy Walks'.

from Creepy, by Brocal Remohi (1990)

In 1974, he created another barbarian hero, called 'Arcane', together with Victor Mora for the French magazine Pilote. Two years later, Brocal and scriptwriter Claude Moliterni created another barbarian character called 'Ta-ar', published by Dargaud in France. For the same publisher, he made hard-cover books such as 'Gandhi', 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'The Jewish People' and 'The History of Islam', which were published in all the Arabian countries.

art by Jaime Brocal

In 1978 he made comic adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper's 'Last of the Mohicans', which was published by several European publishers. He also illustrated stories with Leslie Charteris' 'The Saint' for the Swedish market, and illustrated 'Tarzan' that were published by Ehapa (Germany), Sagedition (France) and Hitpress (Spain). Brocal Remohi's work was additionally present in US magazines like Heavy Metal and Epic Illustrated.

Taar, by Brocal Remohi

Brocal continued the 'Ta-ar' albums for Dargaud until 1988, and then left the company since he didn't agree with the new owner's ideas. Later on Brocal tended to make mostly illustrations, doing covers and illustrations for Planeta de Agostini. At the time, Remohi drew for Kodansha, Japan, the series 'Kami No Ude', another fantasy character placed in a mythic and legend-filled Japan following the Japanese Sintoic religion myths. This story occupied 360 pages. It was later published by Planeta. In the 1990s, Brocal also made some new stories for the Spanish edition of Creepy. A collection of his illustration work, 'Fatasia Heroica', was published by Planeta in 1997. Jaime Brocal Remohí died on 29 June, 2002 at the age of 66 in Valencia, Spain.

art by Brocal Remohi

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