Zéphyr, by Pierre Brochard

Pierre Brochard was a French comic book artist, known for his comics and illustrations in the magazines of Éditions Fleurus, and his work on historical, educational and religious comic books. Born in Issy-les-Moulineaux in 1921, it was during World War II that started drawing caricatures, while also falsifying documents. He began his long association with Éditions Fleurus in 1947, starting out with illustrations for stories and tales in Fripounet et Marissette and Âmes Vaillantes. His first comic series was 'Zéphyr', that ran in Fripounet et Marissette from 1952 until 1963. For the same magazine, he subsequently created 'Le Chevalier de Saint-Clair' (1963-1971) and 'Théo Besagne', the latter with scripts by Jean-Marie Pélaprat. Brochard and Pélaprat were additionally present in the other Fleurus magazines, such as Coeurs Vaillants and its successor J2 Jeunes, with the series 'Alex et Eurêka' from 1956 to 1970.

Alex et Eureka, by Pierre Brochard
Alex et Eureka

Brochard and Pélaprat's 'Perrac la Rapière' ran in Formule 1 and then in Triolo from 1970. Also for Triolo, he illustrated 'Sherlock Holmes', a story written by Didier Convard, in 1982. His work for Fleurus continued with stories starring characters like 'Fricot' and 'Éric et Lespadon', and independent comics about Napoleon, Michel Strogoff and Marie Antoinette. Book collections of Brochard's Fleurus work have been published by Éditions du Triomphe. Furthermore, Brochard made several educational albums with his son Philippe Brochard, such as 'Ariane et le journal de l'homme dans l'espace', 'Hermès et le journal de la vie dans l'espace' and 'S.O.S. Gwenn More'. Pierre Brochard has also worked for the magazines Francs-Jeux (from 1964 to 1973) and Tintin (the series 'Les Gens de Lameraven' from 1976).

Perrac by Pierre Brochard
Perrac, as published in Dutch magazine Taptoe in 1972

Pierre Brochard was one of the main authors of religious comic stories in France, not only for Fleurus, but also for publishers like Cheminements and Le Bosquet. His art has appeared in such collections as 'Bandes dessinées sur l'Évangile', 'Les Grandes Questions de notre temps', 'Vivants témoins, 'Les Grandes Religions', 'Les Grandes Heurues des Églises' and 'L'Histoire du peuple de Dieu'. He has made illustrations for Ima, Sélection du Reader's Digest, the Hachette series 'La vie privée des hommes' and the Nathan collection 'Le monde en poche'.

La vie privée des hommes
La vie privée des hommes

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