Spy Fighters by Sol Brodsky
'The Tower of Terror' (Spy Fighters #7, March 1952).

Sol Brodsky is best known as Marvel's production manager during the Silver Age of American comic books. He began his career as a comic artist however, having his first credit in a 1940 issue of 'V-Man' at Fox Comics. He was then an inker on some Holyoke features, before beginning his association with Timely, the future Marvel Comics, in 1942.

Brodsky did the funny feature 'Inky Dinky' for Mystic Comics and Comedy Comics, and contributed to the 'Blue Beetle' comic. After his military service during World War II, he created the feature 'Red Cross' for Holyoke's Captain Aero Comics between 1944 and 1946.

Beware the Dead by Sol Brodsky
'Beware the Dead' (War Adventures #3, April 1952).

Brodsky was an artist for Timely's successor, Atlas, during the 1950s. Largely uncredited, he did mainly cover art for titles like 'Marvel Boy', 'Adventures into Weird Worlds', 'Strange Tales', 'Uncanny Tales', 'Kid Colt',' Gunsmoke Western', 'Sports Action', 'Crazy', and many more.

By 1954 he became the Atlas production manager, working as the right hand of Stan Lee. When the company folded in 1957, Brodsky ventured into promotional comics for Bird's Eye frozen foods before becoming the fouding editor of the satirical magazine Cracked.

War Adventures by Sol BrodskyTex Morgan by Sol Brodsky

Brodsky left Cracked in 1964 to become production manager at Marvel Comics. He did inking chores on the early 'Fantastic Four' issues and 'Millie the Model' stories. Together with letterer Artie Simek, he designed several classic Marvel logos, including the one for 'The Amazing Spider-Man'.

He took a break from Marvel in the early 1970s to found Skywald Publications with Israel Waldman, but eventually became Marvel's vice president. In this occupation, he directed among others Marvel UK and Marvel Books.

Shotgun Sam by Sol Brodsky
'Shotgun Sam' (Texas Kid #5, September 1951).


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