Werner, by Brösel (Rötger Feldmann)

Rötger Feldmann, who uses the pseudonym of Brösel, is the father of the popular underground comic figure Werner. Rötger Feldmann was born in Travemünde, Germany in 1950. After high school, he studied lithography, but he quit his studies early. Happily without a job, he used his time to work on his Horex, a Chopper, and draw comics. He found the inspiration for his comics in his own life - Werner is also a fanatic Horex-lover. The first comic of 'Werner' was published in 1978, and numerous albums have followed. Three movies were made, 'Werner - Beinhart' (1990), 'Werner - Das muss kesseln!!!' (1996) and 'Werner - Rooäää' (1999).

Rötger Feldmann started his own publishing house, Achterbahn, in 1991, together with Jens Nieswand. He lives together with his wife close to the city of Kiel, in a house with a big garage.

Werner, by Brösel (Rötger Feldmann)Werner, by Brösel (Rötger Feldmann)

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