Fed & Vetertje, by Hans Brouwer
'Fed en Vetertje in Priktolland' (De Waarheid, 24 August 1951).

Before the war, Hans Brouwer made mostly children's comics, like 'Pukkeltje' for the socialist magazine Wij in 1938. He also illustrated a couple of booklets in the 'Kabouterboekjes' collection of the Bijenkorf department store (1943).

De Twee Broers by Hans Brouwer
De Twee Broers: Een Oud Sprookje (Kabouterboekje, 1943)

In 1946 he made the silhouet comic 'Koning Appel' for Libelle. Through his work during the War, he got involved with the illegal paper De Waarheid. For this magazine, he created the daily 'Zeven Dagen Strip', which reflected on current events, in 1946.

Fed en Vetertje (De Waarheid, 15/11/1951)
'Fed en Vetertje' (De Waarheid, 15 November 1951).

From 1951 to 1972, De Waarheid published his longest-running comic, 'Fed en Vetertje in Priktolland'. From 1972, the strip was continued and reprinted in Het Nieuws van de Dag. Another memorable comic that Brouwer illustrated around 1950 was 'Dirk uit Dirksland', written by Sjoerd Schwitter. Furthermore, for the ASN Bank he developed the character 'Eppo Eekhoorn'. Using the signature Ipse, he was additionally an artist for Haagse Post between 1953 and 1955.

Illustration for 1977 calendar, by Hans Brouwer

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