Monsieur Lakonik, by Jean Bruller

Jean Bruller was a French writer and illustrator. He has published several books since the 1920s, and was known for his absurd illustrated novels. He founded his own clandestine publishing house, Editions de Minuit, together with writer Pierre de Lescure in 1941, during the German occupation. The first book that was printed was 'Le Silence de la Mer', which Bruller had writen under the pseudonym Vercors. Several illegal books followed during the War. After the War, Vercors continued to write several books, such as 'Les Animaux Dénaturés' (1952). His sole comics work was 'Le Mariage de Monsieur Lakonik', which was published by Paul Hartmann in 1931. In 2000, it was reprinted by the Centre National de la Bande Dessinée.

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