Lucifer, by Stephan Brusche

Stephan Brusche seriously started making comics when he was asked to make one for the youth magazine of his local church. The result, 'Lucifer', was deemed too unconventional for this publication, and Stephan continued his project on the Stripster site. He makes a feature called 'Mijn Wekelijkse Stripje' for his website, in which he experiments with animated gifs and roll-overs.

Jona, by Stephan Brusche

In print, he has contributed to anthologies like 'Lustre', 'Strips in Stereo Bootleg', 'Sprookjes in Strookjes' and 'Bloeddorst', and to magazines like Myx and De Lijn. During daytime, he is a mailman in Haarlem.

In 2006 he won a Clickburg Webcomic Award, or "Clickie", in the category 'Humor Clickie', for 'Mijn Wekelijkse Stripje'. 

Lucifer, by Stephan Brusche

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