Fix und Foxi by Bone Buddrus
Fix und Foxi: Der kopflose Reiter (Fix & Foxi #10, 2010)

Bone Buddrus is a German 3D graphic designer for computer games, and an artist for Fix & Foxi magazine. He began his career in the animation field, working for firms like Cologne Cartoon on projects like 'Albert sagt...', 'Petzi' and 'Billy the Cat'. He eventually switched to computer games and illustrations. In October 2010 he succeeded Nadia Enis as the lead artist of Rolf Kauka's 'Fix und Foxi', published by New Ground Publishing.

Fix und Foxi by Bone Buddrus
Fix & Foxi: Der Weihnachts-Fax (Fix & Foxi #12, 2010)

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