comic art by Daniel Bueno

Daniel Bueno is an illustrator and comics artist from São Paulo. Influenced by Steinberg, Jim Flora, Covarrubias, George Grosz and many others, his work deals with geometric shapes, collage and textures. He graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of S. Paulo in 2001.

Into Pieces by Daniel Bueno
Into Pieces

He has published comics and drawings in Ragu (Brazil), Front (Brazil), Stripburger (Slovenia), Crash! (Bolivia), Suda Mery K (Argentina/France), Ex Abrupto (Argentina), and other magazines. Daniel has contributed to more than one hundred magazines, to newspapers as Folha de São Paulo and to book publishing companies as Cosac Naify and Companhia das Letras. He is part of the illustrator's collective Charivari, that launched two magazines editions and many experimental fanzines.

Le Chateau by Daniel Bueno
Le Chateau

Bueno has won several prizes in Brazil and other countries and he has also worked in animation (a.o. 'Into Pieces', created with Guilherme Marcondes). He has illustrated books like 'Um Garoto chamado Rorbeto' and 'O Melhor Time do Mundo'. Daniel is the councillor of SIB (Society of Illustrators of Brazil) since 2004. He also writes articles for magazines, and gives several workshops and illustration courses. In 2007 he concluded his thesis about Saul Steinberg in the University of S. Paulo.

Ex Abrupto cover by Daniel Bueno
Ex Abrupto cover

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