Six Inch Stiletto's by Ulli Bürer
Six Inch Stiletto's (Incognito #0, 1993)

Ulli Bürer (Jean Ullrich Bürer) was a Dutch The Hague-based illustrator, originally from Heerlen. He drew short comics for the comic magazines Titanic and De Toestand in the 1980s. Between 1993 and 1997 he was present in Incognito with the long story 'Six Inch Stiletto's', with a main character inspired by 50's pin-up Betty Page.

Incognito cover by Ulli BürerIncognito cover by Ulli Bürer

In the 1990s he also began working in computer animation, among others for the TV quiz 'Twee voor Twaalf', the theater production 'De Grote Doorbraak van Charlie de Boer' and fashion company Esprit. Since 2004, Bürer was also active as a model photographer. He has made several books with his photographs.

Champions of Crynn
Picture from Bürer's unfinished project 'Champions of Crynn' (2013)

Although his comic 'Six Inch Stiletto's' remained unfinished, Bürer returned to comics in 2006 with contributions to MYX and erotic stories for Penthouse Comix. A sci-fi comic called 'Darius' remains unfinished, as well as his project with Sytse S. Algera about the war in Afghanistan for Eppo, and his solo comic 'Champions of Crynn'. He passed away in January 2015 at the age of 49.

Ulli Bürer
Ulli Bürer in his home in The Hague in 2010. Picture by Robin Schouten.

In Memoriam by Robin Schouten

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