La Montgolfière by Prosperi Buri
La Montgolfière

Prosperi Buri is a French comic artist and musician. He is half of the Dirty Cousins' GroiXplosion, a musical duo that revisits the history of rock. He has also released two 45s through the Rennes-based label Inmybed. Rock and music are also recurring themes in his comic book work. He has contributed to reviews and collectives like Lapin, Rock Strip, Minimum Rock 'n' Roll and Strapazin.

The Doors by Prosperi Buri

He self-published a couple of fanzines (Go West!) and made his album debut with 'La Montgolfière' (Warum, 2007), an absurd and tender fable about a small Irish village that wants to become a scientific capital. 'Petites histoires de Groix' (Catherine Riand, 2011) tells stories from the isle of Groix, while 'Freak Scene' (Inmybed, 2013) delves into the world of indie rock and the instructive yet entertaining 'Une brève histoire de nains' (Vide Cocagne, 2016) explores the history and social evolution of dwarfism. Prosperi Buri is also a letterer for books published by Cornélius.

Une breve histore de nains by Prosperi Buri
Une brève histoire de nains

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